June 16, 2011

Eight Months

Team Savonald is happy to announce that Henry likes to eat! And he has two teeth. But most importantly, he is eating everything we offer and now the whole family is enjoying mealtime together.

In addition to eating, Henry has spent the last month playing with his toys. His favorites seem to be the noisiest ones: the piano and the maraca.

Also, two teeth!

May 15, 2011

Seven Months

This month was Henry's busiest yet. As mentioned, he took his first vacation and he was a trooper about sleeping in the car, in hotel rooms, and in Uncle Mike's wonderfully cold basement.

Henry began the month by tasting solid food. And he has spent the remaining days s-l-o-w-l-y adjusting to this horrible stuff we keep putting in his mouth. After a full month of trying, the only thing he will readily eat is oatmeal -- everything else he's not so sure about.

He also rolled over!

He took his first hike and his first shoulder ride.

And Henry celebrated his 7-month birthday by sitting! Team Savonald was very happy for this development and we can't wait for all that Henry's going to experience. Fingers crossed that he's liking food before too long.

April 28, 2011

Uncle Mike!

For spring break we went to visit Uncle Mike in Ohio and that was nice and all but what we really went to do was look at construction vehicles!

Uncle Mike drives a flat-bed truck.

Jasper gets a tour of the yard.

Jasper works the controls.

Henry was delightful and patient as always.

Big thanks to Uncle Mike for the hospitality and to Mr. Prus for the personal tour. Jasper can't wait to go visit you both again!

April 12, 2011

Bigger Still, Redux

Henry is mostly keeping track with Jasper. There are no teeth yet, but he learned to roll over in time for his 6 month birthday, he's been putting himself to sleep for months now, and while it's also true that he's had his first taste of solid food, we cannot say he likes it nearly as much as Jasper did. Our fingers are crossed that he's just picky about the delivery method, since he is still not keen to take a bottle, but he is really not a fan of solid food!

Henry at 4 months

Henry at 5 months

Henry at 6 months

March 17, 2011

Five Months

We're going to blame the short month of short days for why Henry didn't make many changes during his fifth month. While he wasn't rolling over or sleeping through the night or getting teeth, he was spending most of his time making enough noise to get Jasper's attention. And Jasper was spending a lot of energy being goofy to keep Henry's attention. Month five was all about brother bonding.

February 19, 2011

Four Months

Henry spent his fourth month working on head control and he's graduated to facing forward in his wrap! He's so happy to be seeing the world go by and I'm so happy not to have him pulling away from my body so he can see everything.

Henry has also figured out how to work his hands to best grab things and bring them to his mouth -- funny how so many toys are yummydelicious.

Finally, Henry is continuing to be a delightful baby. We see this smile every time he wakes up.

And he's added a full belly laugh to his list of cute baby tricks.

February 18, 2011

Let's Bowl!

Henry isn't the only one learning new things these days. Jasper went bowling with his school and had two first experiences: bowling and arcade games.

It was cute to watch the preschoolers bowl but it was even cuter to see them get worn out and lay down in exhaustion mid-game. Who knew bowling was so physically challenging?

Good thing there was an arcade to refuel them!

January 11, 2011

So Big Redux

Remember when Jasper was wee? Wee Henry has been with us for 3 months now and he's growing so big!

Henry at 1 Month

Henry at 2 months

Henry at 3 months

This last month Henry has been awake more and his favorite things to do are talking, giggling, and fist sucking. We also started a mommy and baby yoga class and he's a champ at laying about and looking at the other babies.

January 04, 2011

Happy New Year!

Did you know we had a baby? We did! And did you know that there are two weeks of no school in December? There are! And did you hear about how I'm a planner? I am!

In anticipation of two weeks with two kids I created an advent tree, complete with a to-do list for Jasper and me.

You might want to tell me that one of those two weeks comes after Christmas and that the advent tree ended on Christmas but I can assure you that the aforementioned baby made sure that not everything on the tree got done on its appointed day, which gave us some activities to do during week two.

We did manage to get the tree trimmed on time, although "decorate the house" fell over to two days this year.

And since I bought a gingerbread kit (this was my first year making a gingerbread house so I was nervous), the gingerbread house only took one day from start to finish.

And even though Jasper kept up his tradition of being sick for Christmas, he did manage to enjoy his present from Santa on Christmas morning.

And wee Henry overindulged along with the rest of us.

December 05, 2010

Month Two

Wee Henry is no longer wee. He is, however, a textbook baby. Seriously. They say sleep 20 hours he says, "ok." We hardly see him outside of feedings (sadly for my REM sleep, he's textbook about eating every 3-4 hours, too) but when he is awake he's a joy to be around.

He's smiling:

He's making eye contact:

And he's moved from the bassinet into the crib, right on schedule with Jasper.

And if he's trying to compete with Jasper, it seems he got Abbie's approval six months ahead of schedule.

December 02, 2010

Uncle Mike!

Uncle Mike is still the best uncle ever! He spent a week with Team Savonald over Thanksgiving and he earned his keep by entertaining Jasper. (It's possible we may owe him for years to come; did we mention that Jasper has stopped napping?)

There was a lot of noise coming from the basement which was not captured on film but Jasper did get Uncle Mike outside on a couple of the nicer days. Jasper has finally figured out how to steer his yellow car so Uncle Mike was put to work on pushing duty, which seems like it is easier now that it's not pushing/steering duty.

We also headed over to the local park one day and Jasper taught Uncle Mike how to properly use a digger and how the best help you can give is to get Jasper down when he's "all done."

Uncle Mike's primary job while he was here was Jasper duty but he did manage to spend some time with wee Henry.

November 06, 2010

One Month

We are coming up on Henry's one month birthday and, if you can catch him awake, he will tell you that we've been keeping him busy.

Henry had his first bath and he loved it. Jasper did most of the work and he was so excited to be helping.

Jasper has been eager to hold Henry at least once a day. We've set up a pretty good system with a pillow and he will sometimes even read to Henry in this position. So cute!

And as Henry's vision has improved we've begun rolling him over after tummy time so that he can have some gym time, followed almost immediately by Jasper's gym time.